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Roman 5:1 Purpose in your Problems...

The Apostle Paul writes letters to Rome and house churches that began to spring up in the New Testament era. This book focuses on the doctrine of salvation, including the practical implications for all believers as it details out the salvation given to them through Jesus Christ.

In the 5th chapter of Romans Paul is continuing his discussing regarding our justification as saints through the blood of Jesus Christ.

He begins with the statement "Therefore be justified by faith". We have to understand that justification or be justified means that regardless of my past sins, no matter how bad I feel that I am, there is no dark remote thought, that can separate the from the love of God. Look at it this way -"JUSTIFY"-"JUST AS IF I" never committed any of those things. In God's eyes, as He looks at us through the shed blood of His son Jesus, we are sinless .

In the midst of Trouble- there is Purpose!!!

We have to be mindful though we are blood bought children of God, we are not free from this world's tribulations. Paul uses words that are of very important to today's Christian. Words like justification, grace, rejoice, hope, tribulation, patients, experience, and disappointed.

Throughout the very beginning of this chapter Paul assists us in understanding that though we are privileged to be under God's loving protection, we can also expect to experience this world's tribulation. But in the midst of dealing with the tribulation we have to understand that there is a purpose in our problems.

Paul helps us to understand in the second verse that our faith should enable us to rejoice by the vision that we see in the Glory of God. However in the 3rd verse. when he mentions Glory yet another time he's talking about a totally different type of Glory. The definitions change from verse two to verse three. In verse two the definition of Glory is describing a vision of God and how awesome he appears to us. In the verse three the definition of Glory is about our ability to both boast and to even brag about the tribulations that we are experiencing because we know that same God we were looking at and glorying in in verse 2 will bring us through and that He'll bring us out by His power and will.

The exciting part in this passage is where we see the mapped out steps from glorying at God's marvelous appearance to moving into tribulations of this world, followed by patients that we need to walk through those tribulations, then being filled with the experience and wisdom and perseverance that we gain during those tribulations, ending in hope in God that does not disappoint!

Understanding that though we will go through trials and tribulations, none of it can happen without God's direct approval and permission. And if He permits it, it has to be for our good as well as His Glory.


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